Trip was December 2020: Marcy and I went during the pandemic to get away. We stayed at the Marriott. The hotel, and all of the Island was at 25% capacity. It was exactly the way I liked it to avoid getting COVID. Travel & Leisure had an article that said it was the number 1 place to travel during the pandemic. They were very strict on testing and cleaning protocols. It was what we needed. Stay healthy, but yet get away!

We also did a trip with family December 2023. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort with my brother Richard and his partner Patty and also my cousin Steve and his wife Sherry. It was a great holiday break with plenty of food, drink and laughter. We loved it! It was my brother Richard and Sherry’s first international trip… they got their very first stamp in their passports. I think they will get the travel bug too!