French Polynesia

Honeymoon time! We stayed at a couple of the French Polynesian islands (also know as Tahiti Islands).  We stayed at two locations, Taha’a Island (also know as the Vanilla Island) and Bora Bora Island.

Our Taha’a stay was unique in that there were only nine bungalows.  They had some on the beach and some hidden in the trees. We stayed at the bungalow right on the beach. We had great views, and a nice stay.  The hotel is owned by a couple who live there and take care of their guest very well. The man is a chef and does the cooking in the restaurant. We used a canoe to ride around the island and we had a chance to catch some beautiful romantic sunsets with Bora Bora Island in the distance.

Bora Bora: After our 3 nights on Taha’a Island, we had to take a plane from Tahiti out to Bora Bora.  After landing we took the main boat from the airport out to the small town on the main island. We then caught the shuttle to our hotel, Le MaiTai Bora Bora.  Overall the island is very poor and several hotels have closed down.  Our room was a very nice over the water bungalow.  Looking at the pictures below, you can see the great views from the private over water balcony.  It was rather windy on a few of the days and later we were told they call it the island of wind (Hmmmm – no one mentioned that in the brochures).  We had an opportunity to relax, ride some bikes, take a rugged jeep tour of the island and find some local food.